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How happy makes success?

We keep asking ourselves what direction we want to give our life, whether our relationships fulfil us and whether we are on the right track professionally. Very few people become aware of their needs and fears. Therefore we often do not know how our needs and fears affect our daily life.

With our help, you can find out for yourself in a very short time what makes you happy - or prevents you from doing so. We use proven questioning techniques and analysis tools from the world's leading coaches to help you decide today how you want to live your life tomorrow. We currently use these tools in seminars and coaching sessions. We are also working on digital, app-based solutions.


When will I be financially free?

Our finances influence a large part of our life and yet we do not care about them. In view of this passivity, trillions of euros are left unused in bank accounts. Every day, purchasing power is lost as a result. We leave the opportunity unexploited to build up or increase wealth.

With our help, you can rapidly become responsible for your finances and make conscious decisions for successful wealth creation. We use the experience and strategies of highly successful financial experts and investors. Even two-day seminars or compact coaching sessions will lead you to your goal. We also work on digital, app-based solutions.

Our Team

Prof. Dr. Christian Duve

Chief Navigator

Nicholas Schoch

Co-Chief Navigator

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